Business, Corporate & Partnership Law


 Jonathan  C. Benitah, P.A. provides a full range of representation and counsel  for its corporate and business clients, including entity selection and  formation as well as day-to-day business operational issues.  The  Firm also handles the purchase and sale of businesses, business merger  and acquisitions, investments, financing, and joint venture  transactions.  In its role as attorney, the Firm assists clients with many matters including but not limited to the following: 


  • The selection and formation of the best and most appropriate business entity.
  • Preparation  of Partnership, Buy/Sell, Shareholder, Limited Partnership, Limited  Liability Company Operating, and Joint Venture Agreements to govern the  client's business relationships.
  • Preparation of transactional and business operating documentation.
  • Preparation, negotiation and closing of stock and asset purchase transactions.
  • Preparation  of form sales and services agreements, equipment sale and leasing  agreements, independent contractor agreements, franchise, marketing and  distribution agreements, and indemnity, confidentiality, non-complete  and non-disclosure agreement.

The Firm works with business intermediaries in the sale and purchase of  companies of varied size and complexity, provide legal counsel and  advise to such entities and guide them through the challenges of  structuring the deal, acquiring the necessary financing and closing the  transaction.  Further, the Firm takes great pride in its  ability to work with the client's non-legal professionals, including  accountants, financial advisors, tax counsel, investment bankers, and  insurance consultants regarding tax and estate planning, securities,  entity operations, and financing arrangements.

Structuring simple or complex transactions and agreements often requires  a resourceful and creative ‘quarterback’ that can ‘see the entire  field’ and who possesses the knowledge and skills to close the  transaction.  The Firm is well equipped to take on this role.  Our  considerable experience handling many types of corporate and business  transactions enables us to identify the critical issues, anticipate  problems and formulate effective and plausible solutions and strategies.  Please call us at any time to schedule a  meeting to address any issues you may have regarding your business or a  prospective business transaction you may be considering.